Meet the transgender couple which have found on Instagram, once lived as opposite sex


The transgender couple found love after both being born the opposite sex. Ryan has been living as a man for four years, and Jasmine started transitioning two years ago. Ryan is 24 and Jesmine is 18 years old.
Despite not undergoing full gender reassignment surgery they say their sex life is great after learning to adapt.
TheY met on Instagram and chatted on Skype for a month before meeting each other in person.
According to Ryan

“She messaged me first and I wasn’t into her because I thought she was one of those ‘Legally Blonde’ type girls but then I decided to give her a try.
“I just kept talking to her and she was the sweetest girl I ever talked to.
“I think it was love at first sight because I couldn’t stop staring at her the whole time.”

Both Jasmine and Ryan take a series of hormones that help them transition into the bodies they’ve always dreamed of.
Ryan said:

“I’m on testosterone it’s called delatestryl – I have to take it every two weeks through injection.
“When I started growing facial hair I was so happy I never wanted to shave.”

Jasmine said:

“It took about two months to grow my breasts – not fully but they were little buds and I was really, really happy.
“A lot of guys message me and hit on me since I’ve transitioned.
“Ryan sometimes gets upset but I try to make him feel more like a man and try to tell him he’s just like any other guy and I like making him happy.”

The two are considering having full reassignment surgery and plan to get married in the future.
They would like to have children – using Jasmine’s sperm and Ryan’s eggs

Culled from Daily Record


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