3 dead, 20 wounded after driver deliberately ploughed a car into crowd in Melbourne


Three people have died and twenty others sustained serious injuries after a crazy driver intentionally drove at high speed into a crowd around Melbourne’s Bourke Street mall, Australia.

A 10-year-old child, a man and woman, both in their thirties, were killed while several, including little children, are currently struggling to live.
The driver, 26-year-old Dimitrious Gargasoulas, was being pursued by police cars over a stabbing carried out earlier in the day and Dimitrious drove right through the crowd, deliberately knocking people down, and sending bodies flying. He made no move to stop until police rammed his car and shot him in the arm.

Witnesses report that it was chaotic with bodies flying around and people running in various directions, while those not fast enough ended up beneath the car. A mangled pram was also seen and a mother screaming “where’s my baby?”

One woman described to a Victorian Newspaper, saying; “Bodies were flying across the windscreen, and over the back, others were under the car. He was going like a bat out of hell. Didn’t care who he collected. Straight up the footpath. People were screaming. It was chaotic.”

Another witness said: “He wasn’t stopping and people walking were trying to get away and he just kept going and collected people on his way”.

Hospitals within the area reported that those admitted were in critical condition. A spokesman for the Royal Children’s Hospital said the hospital was treating “a three-month-old who is currently in the operating theatre, a two-year-old who has been transferred to the intensive care unit, a nine-year-old with limb injuries who has been transferred to the ward and a 12-year-old who is currently undergoing assessments”.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas had a history of family violence according to police reports. He has been arrested by police. His action is being described by Victoria Police’s Acting Commander, Stuart Bateson, as a deliberate act in the heart of Melbourne, ruling out terrorism.

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