50 Cent breaks $1,000 worthy of DJ equipment

50 Cent

50 Cent broke $1,000 of DJ equipment over the weekend.The In Da Club rapper accidentally did the damage when he leapt onto a mixer while performing a 15-song set at an event at Miami’s Ora nightclub on Saturday night.
The star reportedly offered to pay for the bA source said:

‘[50 Cent] jumped from the speaker to a VIP table and to the top of the DJ booth, he landed right on the mixer.
‘It was seamlessly replaced, and his show continued.’ they added.

Despite offering to pay for the damage, club owner Ryan Van Milligen rejected his gesture and said 50 was ‘worth every penny’, and has even been invited back to do the same again one day.
He told the New York Post

‘The broken mixer was worth every penny.
He’s welcome to come back and jump on our DJ equipment anytime. He literally brought down the house – no pun intended!’


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