7 year old Indian boy marries a dog

JHARKHAND, INDIA - JANUARY 19, 2016: Seven-year-old Mukesh was married off to a bitch to ward off evil spirits in Manik Bazar area of Jharkhand.Pictures Supplied By: Cover Asia Press
It was with this in mind that his family arranged a marriage to the fated first wife, a dog, that way, there’ll be no teary eyes when the bitch passes on. It is said that every dog has its day and for this dog, it was no puppy affair.
For the big day, the family dressed the dog in a bridal outfit and the village turned out for the celebrations just like a normal wedding.
They danced and cheered as though it was Mukesh’s real life wedding, it was claimed.
His grandfather, Ashok Kumar Leyangi, 43, said: ‘We believe the marriage will ward off any bad omen attached to the boy. This is traditional practice in our tribal community and we still believe in these old customs. We feel that it is our adult responsibility to keep our children safe and happy this way.’
These marriages usually take place between January 15 and January 21 each year.
The government in India is still trying to educate rural and tribal communities that these acts of superstition are wrong but despite these efforts, many of the region’s tribal communities still follow horoscopes and other superstitions religiously.

The family added that the dog is now back on the streets and is not living at their home.


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