91 year old man died while saving his 49 year old wife from i falling tree branch

A Heroic 91-year-old Italian pensioner, Giacomo Smedile, was killed by a falling tree branch after he jumped in front of it to save his Thai wife. Smedile who was enjoying his retirement in Thailand, was walking along the sea front with his 49-year-old Thai wife on Sunday evening when a 10ft long branch snapped from a tree in Pattaya. He reportedly pushed her out the way but the branch struck him on the head.

Rescue workers and Police arrived at the scene and found his body in a pool of blood as his wife tried to revive him. The devastated woman told police they had left their rented apartment for an evening stroll when they heard the sound of snapping branches. She said:

 ‘We were almost home when it happened. I turned around and he was lying dead on the floor. He was fit and healthy. He was still very active. I am shocked,’

Police said the death was an accident. That workers who trim the tree branches along the sea front may have missed or overlooked it. Therefore, compensation will be paid to Mr Smedile’s family and the Italian Embassy had been informed about the incident.


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