A new president for Mozambique.


From the elections held on October 15 2014, the Mozambican people elected Mr Fillipe Nyusi as their new President taking over from President Amando Guebuza. President Guebuza was restricted by the country’s constitution which only gives two terms in office.
Mr Nyusi won by 57% followed by Alfonso Dhlakama who had 37%. He will be inaugarated next year -2015. Frelimo has held on to power
since the country’s independence from their colonial power, Portugal. Recently a new natural resources was discoverer in the north part of the country in form of natural gas and coal. Frelimo retain 144 seat in parliament, Renamo 89 and the Democratic Movement won 16 to make the 250 seats.
I hope the new natural resources will boost the economy of Mozambique.
This time around the former rebel Alfonso Dhlakama has accepted defeat which means there will not be an civil war like the one which ended in 1982 when Mr Dhlakama claimed that the elections were rigged. The civil war last for nearly 16 years and left a lot of people dead. A peace deal was signed in 1992 which Mr Dhlakama broke and returned into the bushes in 2012 and rebel against the government once again. Right now Mozambique is peaceful and safe for business.


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