A Zimbabwean illegal gold panner stoned to death.


This man by the name Simon Nkomo was killed using stones and logs by his friends, Owen Hleza,Lighton Nyoni,Bruce Sibanda and Nicholas on October 30. Simon was an illegal gold panner at  an Inyathi mine called Tutfnet.
He was killed according to The Chronicle after his four friends believed that he had gold which they planned to take away from him without his consent.One of his friends Owen Hleza is said to be the man on the center of the killing because he stayed
with the deceased which means that he knew that he had gold. Simon owed Owen some money which amounts to $100 and they use the $100 credit as a way of alluring him away pretending to be good friends. The Chronicle say that the group took the victim to a beer hall by the name KoBadala and later on took off to Mahamba at 1opm and killed him on the way.
Three of the murder are since arrested except of Owen Hleza who is still at lagre.
Nkomo was buried today in his rural area in Dete and he left behind two kids and a wife. RIP
Just passing by zebra crossing.


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