Amazing! Couple wins £1million twice in a space of two years.


A British
couple have won £1million in the EuroMillions lottery for the second
time in 20 months – beating odds of more than 283 billion to one. Millionaires
David and Kathleen Long from Scunthorpe pictured left when they won it the first in 2013 and right in 2015

The former
lorry driver said today he was ‘shocked’ to win again but
buying a ticket after their first million-pound win because ‘I just knew
it would be my turn again some day’.

couple, who married last year after a 12-year engagement, announced
their win at their local pub in Scunthorpe where they put on a free bar
for all their family and friends today.

time the HGV driver and his now-wife won despite throwing their ticket
in the bin in 2013. He then ‘had the urge to fish it out’ and was
shocked to discover it was worth £1million.

Mr Long said today: ‘I tend to play when I know there are lots of prizes on the go.
time I knew I had a good chance because there were 100 prizes of £1
million. Last Friday night I was passing the local shop and saw there
were 10 £1 million prizes on EuroMillions and a nice car and thought
yeah I’ll give that a go.
‘Got to be worth a few lines and I got five using my usual numbers.

“On Saturday
morning I sat down in front of our telly and started checking the
numbers. On one line I’d matched two numbers and one star to get £7.20
and thought that’s all right.

I checked the raffle code s- something I’ve learnt to do automatically
since winning last time. After a few moments I very calmly called Kath
in and said ‘Have a look at this. It’s there. Look. Read that line’.’

Long said his wife checked the television and went online, adding:
‘Then she went up right close to our television on the wall, put on her
glasses and stared really hard at the raffle numbers. It seemed ages and
then she finally said: ‘You said you’d do it again and you have!’
Everything has been a blur ever since.

 It’s definitely taking longer to sink in this time!’  

told MailOnline today they could not find any bets on the planet that
could match the 283 billion to one odds of a double lottery win.
one said an example of a million to one gamble would be for future
king Prince George winning Wimbledon while also captaining the England
rugby and cricket teams.

Camelot spokesman said: ‘This is an extraordinary situation where
somebody’s been fortunate enough to win twice. As you can imagine, we
see winners who win once who are very, very shocked. It must be even
more shocking to win twice.’ 
Culled from UK Daily Mail


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