An Australian woman claims a ghost baby photo-bombed family photo.


Kim Davison from Australia
posted this scary image on her Facebook page saying a ‘ghost baby’
photo-bombed her family portrait whilst she was in the river with friend and their three children when the photo was taken in 2014
at Murphy’s
Hole in Lockyer River, south-east Queensland, Australia but
when they examined the photo later, they saw a 4th face in the background.

“At the time of taking this photo there
was nothing between us. I’m holding the little girl and that white head
next to me with horns is not human, I can promise you that. Its fingers
are on my shoulder and on my daughter’s arm. They are long skeletal type
fingers.’ Ms Davison said

It was discovered that nearly a 100 years ago a 13 year old girl drawn on the same spot whist trying to take a bath

November 22 1913 newspaper recocorded  the death notice for a little girl who died in that watering hole. 
Doreen O’Sullivan who was 13 years old by the time drowned in the same creek in
1915and she was the eldest daughter of Mr. James O’Sullivan.
an hour elapsed, before the body was recovered. The spot, which has
always been considered dangerous, is known as Murphy’s Hole, and is over
20 foot deep.

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page posted a
negative version of the image, saying, ‘Light flare will always show up
as black shadowing when the photo is inverted.. and in this case the
light flare is coming from full sunlight reflecting off the water onto
the child’
Just passing by zebra crossing


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