Instagram women say her ex-boyfriend broke her teeth

Instagram user Sonya shared these photos of her broken teeth as a result of the beating she allegedl she got from an ex boyfriend a year ago. According to her, the ex (who is currently cooling off in prison) broke her face and dislocated her teeth. The photo below…

“An ex of mine broke my face & dislocated my teeth. I had surgery and dental work done on my face ..Idk why I had his back n played this off like an accident I was dumb I went back to him because he begged me even after all this he cheated on me and ran my name so deep into the dirt .. I was upset for the longest that I let such a piece of shit boy like him do this to me .. It’s been a year since this horrible night.. Well he’s n prison lookin at some time idk for what but that’s his karma!! I feel like I got my justice �� @1younggwapo rot n that fucken hell hole!! ✌FEEL FREE TO LEAVE UR STORY ON MY PAGE & SHOW OTHERS! UR NOT ALONE �� NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL BE BLOCKED & DELETED ! I APPRECIATE EACH & EVERY ONE OF U FOR THE SUPPORT �� GOD BLESS U! I’m blessed to now have a real man n my life ❤️���� that makes me feel safe..” Source:@Iamsonyareal/Instagram


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