Ariana Grande might be issued by the doughnut shop owner



The owner of the doughnut shop where pop star Ariana Grande licked and
spit on several doughnuts now wants to file charges against Grande over
the incident.
Joe Marin, owner of Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, said he wants
charges brought against Grande over the incident, in which the pop star
licked several doughnuts she had not purchased before saying, “I hate
Americans. I hate America.”
Joe denied earlier reports that he’d declined to press charges

“No, I did press charges,” Marin told the radio station. “And then when I
was reading the newspapers, it said my name, that I decided not to, and
I don’t know where that came from.”

In a statement Monday, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department had
said that Marin had “declined to press charges against Ms. Grande” but
Marin said that is not what happened. The doughnut shop owner detailed
the exchange he had with Lake Elsinore police:

“The last time I talked to the police officer, he told me, ‘How many
doughnuts did she lick?’ Then I said, ‘Well, she licked two of them and
spit on two of them…’ And then he said, ‘Well, how many doughnuts are
you out?.. How much are your doughnuts?’ I said ‘A dollar a piece.’ Then
the cop said, ‘Ok, so basically, you lost four dollars.’ And then I
said, ‘Well, that’s not the point, though.’”

Marin also said that local people who had viewed the video were all “on
his side,” and that police had caused him a headache when they told him
they could not view the surveillance footage on their equipment and made
him transfer it to a CD.

“I think she (Grande) should be pressed with charges, because the thing
is, just because she’s popular, and if it was one of us, like a regular
customer, yeah, they would do something about it.”

Marin added that even if Grande apologized directly to him for licking
the doughnuts, something she has not addressed in either of her two
apologies, he still would not drop charges against her.
Wolfee Donuts received a heath downgrade to a “B” rating last week after
an Environmental Health inspector visited the shop in the wake of the
incident. The shop can remain open while it works to correct the


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