Billionaire James Stun ton a shopping spree in London with a motorcade fit for a president


    James Stunt British billionaire businessman,33 who is married
    Petra – the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie
    Ecclestone – went on a shopping spree in London yesterday in a luxury
    motorcade fit for a president. The cars, which included two Rolls-Royce
    vehicles – thought to have a minimum value of £285,000 each, two Range
    Rovers and other luxury cars – were spotted lined up outside an auction
    house in London as the art dealer, accompanied by his vast team of
    security staff, went inside to buy more art work.
    James is said to be worth about £5.5billion. Members of his team were seen
    carrying the paintings out from the auction house and
    loading them into the waiting fleet. More photos below….

    James and his wife of 4 years, Petra
    pictured above. James made his money from the gambling, art, mining and
    Transcontinental shipping industry. He reportedly has over 200 rare
    collector’s cars between his collections
    in the US and UK which reportedly includes two Rolls-Royce Celestials,
    three Lamborghinis, two Mercedes and two Range Rovers.



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