Billionaire Richard Branson claims he owes his success to being content


Billionaire British Tycoon Richard
Branson,65, says he’s not happy because he’s rich but rather he’s rich
because he’s happy. He says his hugely successful empire is the result of his cheery
state of mind.
know I’m fortunate to live an
extraordinary life and that most people would assume my business
success, and the wealth that comes with it, have brought me happiness.
But they haven’t – in fact it’s the reverse. I am successful,
and connected because I am happy.’ he wrote on his blog
In the write up, Branson encouraged readers not to focus on tasks but remember they are human beings rather than ‘human doings’.
“Kids are often asked: “What do
you want to be when
you grow up?” The world expects grandiose aspirations: “I want to be a
writer, a doctor, the prime minister.” ‘They’re told: go to school, go
to college, get a job, get married and then you’ll be happy.  But
that’s all about doing, not being – and while doing will bring you
moments of joy, it won’t necessarily reward you with lasting happiness.
and breathe. Be healthy. Be around your friends and family. Be there
for someone, and let someone be there for you. Be bold. Just be for a


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