Blac Chyna is trying for baby with Rob to become ‘most famous Kardashian of them all’

New York Times bestselling author and award-winning investigative journalist Ian Halperin, who has a highly-anticipated forthcoming book called the Kardashian Dynasty, has shared the untold story behind how Blac Chyna, a bisexual former stripper, has risen from obscurity to become Rob Kardashian’s fiancée and one of the most talked about celebs of 2016.

Halperin lays bare the ‘master plan’ that Chyna has devised to marry her way into the Kardashian and seal power by having Rob’s kids. And he reveals how the curvaceous model has vowed to become the most famous Kardashian of them all – supplanting even former BFF and now sworn enemy, Kim. Read what he wrote after the cut…

Blac Chyna is still something of a reality TV enigma – but she could soon be its biggest and most brazen star. Just a few years ago she was a complete unknown, flaunting her curvaceous body in strip clubs while trying to catch the eye of minor rappers. Today she is on the brink of becoming a fully-fledged Kardashian – with a ruthless ‘master plan’ to marry Rob and supplant Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Co. as the family’s most famous member.

In the course of researching my latest book, I have undertaken thousands of interviews and spoken with those who have witnessed first-hand Chyna’s extraordinary rise from pole-dancing nobody to celebrity vixen.
And everything they have told me leads me to conclude that the Kardashian clan has a huge fight on its hands to stop her from gatecrashing their globally-recognized brand.
I predict the stage is set for the greatest power struggle reality TV has ever known – with Rob Kardashian, the ‘weak link’ of the family, likely to be collateral damage.
Chyna, 27 – real name Angela Renée White – grew up in Washington, D.C. and went to Henry E. Lackey High School in Maryland.
She attended business school at Johnson and Wales University in Miami but it was among the city’s clubs and wild nightlife that she began making a name for herself.
White was just 18 when she began working as a stripper under the names Dora Renee and Cream.
She finally settled on Blac Chyna while dancing at the King of Diamonds Gentleman’s Club, a favored haunt of rappers and aspiring hip hop stars.
A client there had called himself Black China because he was black and had ‘Chinese’ looking eyes. Chyna liked the name so much she kept it for herself.
She was soon the club’s biggest draw with a legion of male fans lusting over her curves and sexy tattoos.
I tracked down Chyna’s former stripper friends who told me she was as well-known for the scale of her ambitions as she was for her raunchy moves.
‘Chyna was a stunning woman on a pole, clearly with jet-set aspirations,’ recalled one of the girls, Trixie. ‘There was no way she was going to end up working in a strip club the rest of her life.’
Another dancer, Gigi, remembered Chyna as ‘excessively wild’ and said she was willing to do just about anything to raise her popularity and make money.
‘Back in the day she turned every trick in the book. And she definitely loved to swing both ways,’ Gigi told me.
‘Chyna was all business and if this meant taking a woman into the back room and pleasing her, there was no problem.
‘She was making more money than anyone else in the club and could make up to 10k a night.’
Chyna soon broke into the hip hop music scene, most notably standing in as a body double for Nicki Minaj for Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ video, rubbing shoulders with Jay Z and Rick Ross in the process.
But the young wannabe soon turned her attention to Tyga, an up and coming rap artist who fell under her spell in October 2011 when the King of Diamonds hosted an after party for Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. tour.
‘They hit it off like a house on fire,’ Gigi recalls. ‘Tyga and all the rappers were infatuated with Chyna. Nobody could do a lap dance and grind like Chyna.’
Just one month later Chyna was hired as the lead female role in the music video for Tyga’s hit single ‘Rack City’ – and she revealed soon after on Twitter that the pair were dating.
Chyna gave birth to Tyga’s son, King Cairo Stevenson, on October 16, 2012. They announced their engagement several months later.
By then Tyga, 26, had purchased a sprawling $6.5 million mansion for his new family in Calabasas, California – where their well-heeled neighbors would include rap superstar Drake and the Kardashians.
Tyga was already acquainted with reality TV’s first family, having performed at Kendall Jenner’s Sweet Sixteen party in November 2011.
And as soon as he introduced Chyna to Kim the pair struck up an unlikely friendship – with Chyna quickly becoming one of Kim’s ‘besties’.
The two pals were spotted going to movies, having dinner and Chyna was a guest at Kim and Kanye West’s lavish Florence wedding in August 2014.
The buxom duo even posed side by side in selfies to show off their toned abs and famously perky backsides.
Chyna, meanwhile, had been to makeup artist school, launched a cosmetics brand, LASHED by Blac Chyna, and opened her own beauty salon.
My sources tell me that Kim was hugely impressed by Chyna’s incredible focus and ambition. She saw Chyna as a younger version of herself.
Chyna, meanwhile, looked up to Kim as a mentor and took notes of everything she said during their meetings – and for good reason.
All the people I interviewed in their inner circle told me that Chyna has aspirations to be the next Kim Kardashian.
Only she wanted to take it to a completely different level – she wanted to be, in the words of one observer, ‘Kim Kardashian on steroids’.
The two women would remain close until Chyna’s world was rocked by the breakup of her relationship with Tyga in August 2014.
By all accounts she was desperate to keep her family together and genuinely distraught.
So just imagine Chyna’s sense of betrayal when, in March 2015, Tyga confirmed after months of speculation that he was in a relationship with none other than Kim’s underage sister, Kylie, 17.
‘Certain things capture your eye, but only few capture the heart,’ he captioned a photo of Kylie on his Instagram account, further twisting the knife.
Publicly, Tyga continued to insist that his romance with Kylie had nothing to do with his split from Chyna – but insiders say that is patently false.
I can reveal for the first time that the flirty behavior between Kylie and Tyga dates right back to Kendall’s Sweet 16 party where they were spotted laughing and joking for a good part of the night.
A guest at the star-studded bash told me that it set off alarm bells owing to the fact Kylie was just 14 and Tyga was in his twenties.
Another of my sources confirms that the Kardashians themselves were aware of the attention Tyga was paying Kylie – but they brushed it off because they thought he was in a relationship.
I also interviewed a couple who went to Kim and Kanye’s wedding and they told me they saw the pair hanging out and openly flirting the entire night.
Of course none of this escaped Chyna, who is said to have reached out to Kim via telephone and told her: ‘You’ve got to keep your sister away from my man’.
When Kim failed to step in, Chyna accused her of endorsing Kylie and Tyga’s relationship and the two friends had a monstrous falling out.
My sources say Chyna was so upset and her life was such a shambles that she vowed to do whatever it took to get her revenge.
Her plan would be simple yet devastating: She would seduce Rob – stealing the Kardashian’s only male heir and seizing the celebrity world’s most prized name for herself.
‘If Tyga is going to get into that family then I’m going to get into it too,’ she allegedly told a confidant.
‘Chyna is no fool. Instead of getting bitter she devised a plan,’ a friend of Chyna explained. ‘And the plan was to hook up with a Kardashian, to get into that family and to call the shots.
‘Her dream was to become as big – or bigger – than the Kardashians.’
On January 25 Chyna lit the touchpaper by posting an intimate Instagram photo of herself in the arms of a heavily-tattooed mystery man.
His face was not visible but there was no mistaking who the distinctive ink belonged to – 29-year-old former addict Rob.
As the tabloids scrambled to confirm that the pair were dating, my sources told me that behind closed-doors the Kardashians ‘flipped out’.
Kris Jenner confirmed as much by tweeting to say it had been a ‘challenging day’ – while Khloe hit back with a quote from the Godfather: ‘You can do anything. But never go against the family.’
Since then the Kardashians have put up a front and said they will support Rob as long as he is happy.
They know they also have to be mindful of Kylie’s relationship with Tyga and don’t want to be seen to be taking sides.
Privately though, Kim and her siblings are convinced this is step one of Chyna’s big plan for revenge.
My Kardashian sources say the family fears Chyna can do damage to the family’s reputation.
Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni called the Kardashians ‘reality hoes’ which set off fireworks between the two families.
It has been reported that Kris Jenner called Tokyo and gave her a piece of her mind, demanding a public apology.
My sources claim the Kardashians have been strategizing how to handle the situation, expecting it to get more heated in the not too distant future.
They doubt she has any genuine feelings for Rob – a view share by a close friend of Chyna.
‘If Rob didn’t have the last name Kardashian attached to him there’s no way in a million years Chyna would even come within arm’s length of him,’ she told me.
‘Look at the men Chyna has dated in the past. Rob Kardashian, a 250-pound depressed Caucasian guy does not fit Chyna’s demographic – enough said.’
And what of last week’s latest bombshell – the news that Rob and Chyna are engaged with rumors of a ‘quickie wedding’ in the works.
The bootilicious model announced it to the world in typically max-publicity fashion – feigning shock while posting a photo of her huge diamond wedding ring along with the word: ‘YES!’
But was Rob’s proposal at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in LA really a huge surprise to her? My sources say no.
‘There is no way in the world that Chyna didn’t know what was about to go down,’ said AJ, an LA-based hip hop promoter. ‘She is such a great actor.
‘If that ring is worth $325,000 my Toyota Prius is worth more than a Ferrari. There’s no way that ring is worth that much – they are just trying to hype it up.’
And what about the next stage in Chyna’s Kardashian takeover?
I can reveal she recently told a close friend that she and Rob are having unprotected sex and hoping to have as many kids as they can.
In the words of her confidante, they want to start a ‘new generation of Kardashians’.
Kim and co. are clinging to the hope that Rob’s latest engagement will end as abruptly as his previous two – but insiders say that’s just wishful thinking.
In the words of a friend connected to both Chyna and the Kardashians: ‘This ain’t going to be strike three. The family are in a bind now.
‘They are struggling because there is no way that Chyna is going to let go of this until she succeeds in her master plan – and that’s to become the most famous and the richest Kardashian.’
Culled from UK Daily Mail


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