Blac Chyna plans ‘to destroy’ the Kardashians using secrets Rob Kardashian told her

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Blac Chyna is planning to throw the Kardashians under the bus by revealing dirty secrets Rob leaked to her.Heat magazine has it that her friend said…….

“The whole family underestimated Chyna. They’re expecting her to go away, but she’s lining up all kinds of schemes that could have a terrible impact on the family, and their brand as a whole,”

According to the insider, Rob blabbed to her about everything from the family’s surgery secrets through to their most toe-curling scandals.
However, she may have to be careful with that because of the $1million non-disclosure agreement that she signed when she first hooked up with Rob.
That came to light when US network ABC approached Kim Kardashian for a comment, and she reportedly replied by having her lawyers send a copy of the document that had been signed by Chyna.
Kim reportedly blames her little sister Kylie Jenner for stealing rapper Tyga from Chyna years ago.
According to the source, Kylie is equally scathing of Kim, blaming her for ‘belittling’ Rob so much that, “his low confidence made him an easy target for Chyna”.
Khloe apparently blames herself, while Kim’s raging because their mum Kris Jenner is picking up the bill for Rob’s defence.


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