Blac China’s mother hits on Wendy Williams after she says Rick Ross shouldn’t marry Lira Galore


On Hot Topics during her show,Wendy shared her
opinion on why she thinks Rick Ross and fiancee Lira Galore won’t make
it to the altar. Wendy shared an old photo of a naked Lira sitting on
Meek Mill’s lap (Meek and Rick Ross are label mates and friends). In her words Wendy said……

“Lira is being called out for old tweets lusting after rappers like
Meek, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Wale. Let’s put this in perspective. We all
have a past. It’s just that when your past is so pronounced, it doesn’t
make you wife material. Rick Ross, I like you
a lot, you’ve lost great
weight. I predict he will not take her to the altar. Just like I
predicted Bow Wow won’t take Erica Mena to the altar. Sometimes,
somebody’s past is so passed around. You don’t want to marry a woman who
has been passed around that much”

Then Blac Chyna’s mother came Wendy on instagram.


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