Bob Marley’s family to launch a cannabis brand named after his name.

    Bob Marley.

    The late reggae Legendary Bob Marley’s family has majored with a Seattle based Private Equity Company to launch a global cannabis brand named after his name. The brand will also produce cannabis blended lotions and creams. It will be called Marley Natural. Bob’s family said that they are doing it to honour the legend who viewed the weed as a herb with
    a powerful healing ability.  This will be the first time the Marley family is using their name on cannabis.
    Jamaica has not yet legalized pot smoking, so the brand will be mainly based in the USA. Hopes are high that the Jamaican government will pass a law to legalize it next year 2015 so that the local Rastafarian folks in Jamaica will be able to access the products easily and legally . Marley died in 1981 from cancer. Who knows? Maybe it will be good news for the Rastafarian folks.
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