Botswana High Court thwarted President Khama’s bid to change the Parliament voting process.


    President Ian Khama’s bid to change parliament voting process was thwarted yesterday the 7th by the Botswana High Court. President Khama wanted the voting process to be done by raising of hands instead of secret ballot which has be used all along.
    Khama is suspected of wanting to appoint his young brother Tshekedi Khama as Vice President whom he is afraid might loose it if voting is done secretly, so he
    wanted to make sure that everything moves on his away. Also Khama is accused by the opposition of trying to identify his enemies and intimidate them as they will be raising their hands openly in his eyes.The High Court said voting must be done secretly to ensure fairness and transparency and allow a democratic Parliament and nation to live on.  The process he is trying to change is the one which made it possible for him to become vice president in 1999-2004. Khama was re-elected as the Botswana President last month and he will be serving his last term in office representing the Botswana Democratic Party.
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