Boy has been looking after his blind parents since 2006


Feng Molin’s mother has been blind since childhood and when his father lost his sight in 2006 after suffering acute meningitis, the then 4-year-old from northwest China’s Shaaanxi Province, had to start taking care of them. The family has since then lived on subsistence allowances from the government and donations from individuals.

Along with schoolwork, Feng cooks, cleans and does farm work. During his second year of primary school, Feng transferred to the central school of Yanmen, a town far away from his home after the village school was removed; a move which required him to live on campus during schooldays. On weekends, he returns home to do the cleaning work, farm work, and prepare all the food, firewood of the next week for his parents.

After doing his household work, only then would he sit down to complete his schoolwork.

Feng’s heartwarming story went viral after it was broadcast on a news program, CCTV. It touched the hearts of many who offered to assist the strong-willed boy. One man even offered to adopt him and send a nanny to take care of his parents.

Feng was grateful for the donations but rejected the adoption offer. “Staying with my parents is my greatest joy,” he said, “I will work hard to create a better future with my own hands.”



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