Breaking News–Germanwings co-pilot intentionally crushed the plane.


    According to breaking news report, the co-pilot of the doomed Germanwing
    flight deliberately crashed the plane on March 24th, this is according
    the chief investigator who just held a press conference explaining what
    happened. The prosecutor said the Chief pilot asked the co-pilot to take
    over the controls of the plane so he could go ease himself. While
    alone, the
    co-pilot locked the door and deliberately manipulated the
    flight monitoring controls to accelerate the descent of the flight. He
    refused to open the door of the cockpit to the pilot when he returned
    and began knocking frantically on the cockpit door. The co-pilot used a
    button to cause the plane to lose altitude and crash. He never spoke a
    word during the last 10mins
    before the plane crashed and didn’t respond to air traffic control.
    The prosecutor said there was no indication that the co-pilot was
    unwell. He has been identified as 28 year old Andreas Lubitz from
    Germany. He is not known to have any links to terrorism or extremists.

    The prosecutor said screams from passengers could be heard on the
    recording in the final seconds. He said they all knew what was about to
    happen in the last moments and that all 150 souls died instantly.


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