Britain puts £170 million deal to buy the world’s most deadly and accurate missile ever built

United Kingdom defence chiefs have signed a £170 million deal to buy the world’s most deadly and accurate missile ever built. The missile, termed ‘Brimstone 2’ is the worlds most accurate missile and can single out a person from 14 miles away
The 1.8metre long Brimstone 2 air-to-ground bomb can wipe out a tank or kill a person, leaving people just feet away unscathed or unharmed.
A Military defence expert said to Mirror UK: “The Brimstone can kill a person in a car parked outside a house and just a few windows in the home may be damaged.
“It is the best missile for the current conflict in Iraq and Syria because it goes a long way to ensuring minimum civilian casualties and maximum efficiency.”
A spokesman for the MoD said: “Brimstone 2 has the same heavyweight punch as its predecessor but can be launched from approximately twice as far away.
“Its cutting-edge seeker and more flexible guidance system means the new missile can defeat more challenging targets with greater accuracy.”
Minister for Defence Procurement Philip Dunne said: “Brimstone has proven to be a key weapon in coalition operations against Daesh and these improvements, made possible through sustained Government support, build on that success.
“The MOD’s £170 million investment in Brimstone 2 will increase the effectiveness of UK air power and provide a significant boost to the national economy, sustaining around 250 jobs across the South West and South East.”
Source: Mirror UK


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