Bruce Jenner is suicidal, family scared to death?


 Reports from
In Touch Weekly have it that Bruce, Jenner is on ‘suicide watch’ having reportedly sunk into a deep
depression as he prepares to go public with details about his gender
transition. Meanwhile a source from the Kardashian clan is saying all the suicidal reports are all lies.

A source told In Touch “Kris Jenner
and the rest of the family “are scared to death about his state of
mind. The are worried and terrified that he might hurt himself  or
worse. He’s been a sad, emotional wreck, and friends and loved ones have
him on suicide watch.”
The magazine further said that Bruce is feeling abandoned and betrayed by his family
“The whole experience is messing with his head. That’s something you didn’t
see during the Diane Sawyer interview. No one talked about how they’re
afraid he may harm himself. One minute he says he’s happier than ever,
and the next minute, he’s sobbing that he’s ruined his life. It’s
scary. Everyone is
concerned about him, now more than ever. He’s a basket case. No one
wants to say it, but suicide is on everyone’s mind.


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