Burglar hides under bed for 3 Days


A man accused of sneaking into a New Jersey home proceeded to hide under the bed in a spare room for 3 days, police say.

Jason Hubbard allegedly entered the home on Ellenel Boulevard in
Spotswood, where police said he also charged all 4 of his cellphones
from an electrical outlet he found while under the bed.

Details from the May incident were released yesterday morning.
Hubbard allegedly slipped into the home while the Middlesex County
homeowner was taking out the garbage, and remained under the bed
undetected for 3 days until the homeowner heard a sound from the
family’s spare room, the Spotswood Police Department said in a news
The homeowner went to check out the noise and called police immediately
upon discovering Hubbard hiding under the bed, officials said.
The police arrived just before 7 p.m. on May 10, and arrested Hubbard for alleged criminal trespassing.
Hubbard was also charged with burglary and theft of services (the
electrical current he used to power the cellphones). He was transported
to Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center in lieu of $50,000 bail.
Police officials declined to provide any additional information about
Hubbard or the status of the case beyond what was in their news release.
Public records show that Hubbard is in jail.
ABC News


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