Café offers oral sex while you drink coffee to open in Switzerland


A controversial cafe offering its customers oral sex and coffee will open in Geneva by the end of this year. The unusual service, where customers receive oral sex while taking coffee will make the café one of the most expensive in Europe and cost up to £42.

Bradley Chavet, spokesman to the firm, Facegirl, the company running similar cafés in Thailand, , said men would only need to choose a drink and prostitute using a tablet. Then they can sit and relax at the bar, sipping their coffee and enjoying the process. He added: “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over.” according to

However, the idea was harshly criticised by a local anti-prostitution group, which claimed only those setting up the business would benefit from it.

While prostitution is legal in Switzerland, the cafe will have to receive valid permits for their sex workers. If two or more prostitutes will sell their services it must register as a massage parlour


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