Chilling video- OJ Simpson confesses to killing ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman

O.J. Simpson

In June 1994, Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered in cold blood at Nicole’s home…and many believed Nicole’s ex-husband, OJ Simpson killed her, even though a court found him not guilty.

Over the weekend Fox aired a “lost” 2006 interview of OJ Simpson where he explains, “hypothetically” how he killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman if he’d done it…and it’s chilling.

As he told his story in the interview, he said it was a fictionalized version of what happened that night, assuming he did it, but as he went on, he gave details and practically slipped into a first hand explanation of how and why he committed the crime.

And here’s the thing, his account of what happened corroborated the prosecutions case on just about all the major points. Watch video below…



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