Chinese cleaner loses his leg in an escalator accident in China


A 35-year-old cleaner at a Shanghai
mall had his left leg amputated after it became stuck in an escalator
last night in the third such incredibly tragic and frightening case in
just this past week.

CCTV footage released by Cloud Nine Shopping Mall has revealed what transpired in moments before the accident.
At 10.21pm that evening, the mall
was closing for the day but the escalator leading to the metro station
was still in operation. Minutes later, 35-year-old cleaner Zhang is seen
standing on a mop where the stairs meet the floorplate, using his
weight to clean the steps of the escalator.

A section soon gives way and Zhang’s
left leg is stuck inside the escalator. By pressing a red button, Zhang
was able to immediately turn off the escalator. Rescuers arrived at the
scene at 10.50pm with equipment and eventually managed to free him from
the escalator, and send him to the hospital, where the decision was
later made to amputate his leg because it was so badly mangled.
In pain from the amputation, Zhang,
who had just started working at the mall in May, tells local reporters
that a similar incident had happened with this escalator just a
fortnight ago, and he had reported the malfunction to management then.
A Cloud Nine spokesperson says that cleaning of the escalators should technically only begin at 10.30pm when they are stopped.

“We are deeply pained by this tragedy which resulted because standard
operating procedures were not adhered to,” he said. “We will be stepping
up supervision in the execution of safety measures to make sure all
employees stick to standard operating procedures to prevent similar
incidents from happening in future.”

This makes the third reported
escalator accident of this past week. Last Sunday, a 30-year-old woman
was able to save her son but not herself in a horrific accident in Hubei
province. Just two days later, a toddler had his arm dragged into an
escalator at a mall in Guangxi province.
Additionally, another gruesome
machinery accident happened on Thursday as a 21-year-old woman was
crushed to death in elevator accident in Zhejiang province



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