Chris Brown and his fans believes his ex-girlfriend Karrueche used him for fame and fortune.


After Chris Brown’s 9months old baby news broke out some days ago through some social media outlets, Karrueche publicly  broke up with him on twitter saying she can’t bear the baby mama dramas and it didn’t went well with Chris’ diehard fan who went on to post a tweet
by Jacob which indicated that Karrueche could utilize the
Chris-Rihanna-Karrueche love triangle and get immense fortune and fame. That tweet was from back in 2012 Jacob is a well known
publicist and ironically after this tweet, Karrueche hired him as her manager. Maybe she it was any eye opener and the girl didn’t want to waste any of her precious chance

Chris and his fans believes Karrueche used him for fame and fortune and even refer to her as a gold digger. But honestly who would stand messy that Chris was trying to drag her into? He was even backing his fans shredding Kae as she was the one at fault, the man wants her take every nonsense that he throws on her meekly!

Just passing by zebra crossing.


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