Churhes– A community rip-off


Looking back in the days, maybe way back to the time when the missionaries first came to Africa, a lot of things were done, i mean a lot of things were put in place, roads , school, hospitals, just to mention a few. If we want to be honest enough, most of the schools and hospital in Africa were put in place by the Church-Missionaries, it seems they much concerned about improving some ordinary people’s lives. they could use their resource to change lives not using people’s resources to change their own lives like we are seeing today.
Today’s church and its leadership seems to go totally going a different direction, all they are interested in is how they can improve their own lives using the poor people’s money. They are brainwashing them with so called gospel of prosperity, inducing them to fork out their dear hard earned dollars and put on the alter as offering.
Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever noticed how a certain church founder started as a pauper and end up riding in the latest cars, owning private jets and even private concubines. The bible says we must give the poor, but the situation seems to having been turned around, twisted to suit Pastor Dick’s doctrine of enriching himself. The missionaries built the hospitals and schools to carter of the poor and the sick, this days the men of cloth or the church is competing in ripping the poor and the sick of the little they have. The old church improved the communities, yet the new church is sucking the little the community has. Is it that the bible is being read upside down?
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