Couple rape teenage boy in a foursome group sex


A Missouri couple allegedly held a 16-year-old boy down and raped him as
part of a foursome also involving a young woman, police said.
Laura Bentley was charged last week with sodomy, while Jason Schlueter was charged with sodomy and rape, police records show.
The teen told police he was raped by the couple in their Carrollton
home in late August or early September, while their four young children
were home, according to charging documents.
He said he told them he wasn’t interested in group sex, but Schlueter
allegedly held him down while Bentley and the other woman, who is under
21, raped him.
One of the couple’s children, a 6-year-old girl, told police she was
spanked after waking up and witnessing the sex. She later identified by
name all four of the people involved in the alleged rape.
Bentley told police her young daughter witnessed a different threesome,
which did not involve the teen boy, records show. But Schlueter
admitted to the foursome, while still contending he never touched the
boy and “did not know” if Bentley did.

It’s unclear how the couple knew the teen or the other woman. It’s also unclear if the woman will face any charges.

One neighbor said he wasn’t surprised to learn of sick activities happening in the household.

“It is usually wild down there,” the neighbor told KCTV. “Kids would run up and down the stairs yelling and screaming and knocking on doors. It was pretty hectic sometimes.”

It is not yet known if the other woman will face charges relating to the incident.


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