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Couple refused to stop having sex in the park in broad daylight in front of kids

Roundhay Park

A couple continued to have drunk sex in a park in Leeds despite police being called by several people and a man confronting them over their actions.

The unidentified couple were caught in Roundhay Park on Sunday when there were children nearby. One parent went over and slapped the man as he ordered them to stop what they were doing,Metro reports.

Witnesses began recording the pair and one woman can be heard telling police over the phone that she had reported the tryst half an hour ago but nobody had turned up. She said they were ‘in the middle of loads of kids playing cricket’ adding ‘they’re at it again’ and ‘it’s like the fifth time now’.

Police didn’t arrive until 46 minutes after the first call on Sunday and by the time they arrived at 1.55pm the couple had gone. West Yorkshire Police said: ‘Officers saw the suspects’ vehicle and pulled it over.


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