Drake tried to hit on Lebanese porn star Mia Khalifa?

    Drake,Micheal Jackson

    Lebanese porn star Mia Khalifa is claiming that rapper Drake tried to hit her via Instagram soon after an Adult website Porn Hub ranked her as number one porn star. The ranking didn’t go well with the folks in the middle east and some threatened her with death.

    Mia revealed this during The Page Q Sports Show in Miami (WQAM) when the host asked her to name the celebrities that have shown interest in her since she
    became an instant celeb and this is what she said…..
    “Oh my god. Ummm. It rhymes with… ‘rake. All I know is it’s not Eddie
    Vedder, so I didn’t pay
    attention to it. It was flattering, but his intentions were obviously
    clear. It was so cringe-worthy. The whole thing was cringe-worthy.”
    Do you believe her?
    Just passing by zebra crossing.


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