Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton still drives herself though she is due in 4 days


Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton who was due this past Saturday April
25th, was seen driving herself and her son Prince George and what
appeared to be his nanny, Maria Borrallo, who was in the back seat, out
of Buckingham palace with up to 5 bodyguards in tow.

 She carefully drove her Range Rover past the ten-deep crowd waiting at
the gates and they cheered when they saw the car going onto the palace
 The Duchess parked her vehicle discreetly around the side of the palace
in order to get George from the car and left around an hour and a half
Meanwhile, a lot of fans of the royal family have camped in several
hotels near and outside the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital,
Paddington where the Duchess is due to give birth. They are eagerly
awaiting the birth of the couple’s 2nd child who is going to be 4th to
the throne regardless of its sex.

At about 9 am yesterday morning, Kate and her Husband
Prince Williams surprised the fans by sending members of staff from the
royal household to personally deliver ten cups of coffee and two boxes
containing four croissants, two Danish pastries, an apple turnover and
fruit bun. The two boxes of pastries and croissants were wrapped in pink
ribbon, leading those desperately awaiting the royal baby’s birth to
speculate it could be a girl.

A Kensington Palace spokesman confirmed that the breakfast surprise had indeed come from the couple themselves.
‘The Duke and Duchess have seen the news reports about these people
camping out and they just wanted to let them know they were thinking of
them,’ they said.

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