Fanatic Muslim man attacks a couple for cuddling in the streets


A 35 year old Muslim ‘bully’ Michael Coe attacked a 16-year-old schoolboy and branded his girlfriend a whore after spotting them cuddling in the street in East London, Southwark crown court sitting on Mondayheard.

According to the prosecuting counsel, Coe allegedly grabbed the teenager round the neck and threw him to the ground in the unprovoked attack.

Coe apparently objected to the boy hugging his girlfriend, and then assaulted a passing teacher who witnessed the attack and tried to photograph Coe’s car number plate.

Prosecutor Jonathan Polnay told the court on Monday;

“They were standing on the pavement doing what some 16-year-olds do some of the time, cuddling each other in the street”, said Mr Polnay. They had the misfortune that of all the people to drive by was this defendant.”

Believing the boy was older than 16, Coe stopped his car and said: “Let that schoolgirl go.”
Mr Polnay said the boy objected, telling him they were both 16, and Coe told him:

“How would you like it if your sister was cuddling?”

Coe then asked if the couple were Muslims – which they are – but they denied it because they were “worried what this defendant would do if they said yes”.
At which point the defendant said:

‘Why am I wasting my time with you if you are not Muslim?

There followed an exchange of words, during which this defendant said something insulting about his girlfriend, calling her a whore.”
The boy replied: “don’t call my girlfriend a whore”, said Mr Polnay, at which time Coe allegedly “moved from unpleasant bullying to someone in the street to something that is quite simply an assault.”
Coe then grabbed the boy on the neck and threw him on the ground, and the boy lost consciousness.

“The next thing he woke up on the floor and he was bleeding”, added the prosecutor. We would say it is really completely unpleasant and utterly unwarranted. This is a grown man on a child, a 16-year-old.”

Mr Polnay also alleges that Mr Coe then asked to a teacher who was taping the assault to hand over his phone to him. The teacher, Mr Siwela refused to give him the phone so the Mr Coe grabbed him too and threw him to the floor.
Mr Coe claims he was acting in self-defence, the trial continues.
Source: Evening Standard UK