French police on manhunt for 2 radicalized teen girls off to Syria to join ISIS


There is a manhunt for two radicalised French teenage girls suspected of leaving for Syria by the French Police. Over the police had tweeted a photo of the girls, Louisa and Israe, who they said were “likely using false identities and will attempt by any means possible to leave the country”.

“Her parents alerted national police that she came home around 4pm” investigators in Annecy in charge of tracking down the runaways told AFP.

The girls were last seen around 1pm on Friday, March 4th when they left their school, Carillons de Seynod High School, according to public prosecutors.
The girls’ classmates began to worry when they couldnt find them, during their search they found the teenagers at a train station, they tried to stop them from leaving butfailed so they called the police around 7:30pm the same day.
Public prosecutors said they had reason to suspect that the girls had either left or wanted to leave for Syria and had plans to get on a train to Paris in the town of Chambéry.
The prosecutor said:

“One of the girls was already suspected of radicalisation and was under surveillance. She had been placed in a group home and banned from leaving the country. On Saturday morning, we also enacted a travel ban on the second girl”.

One of the said teenagers, Louisa, has since returned to her family’s home, she went back home on Sunday afternoon, local police authorities said. The teen is currently been investigated by the Police.
Source: AFP


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