French Prime Minister Manuel Valls booed by mourners during Nice memorial service

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed by thousands of mourners at the Promenade des Anglais in Nice as he arrived for the memorial service of the Nice ‘Bastille day’ attack victims where 84 people where killed by a truck driving ISIS fanatic.
Mr Valls felt the full wrath of the public who accused the government of a series of security failings that allowed three major terror attacks over the last 18 months.
Nice resident Isabel, who declined to give her surname, said she did not boo but understood why tensions are running high.“They want him (Mr Valls) to resign because he didn’t put enough police on the day,”  the 60-year-old to The Sun..“I was there (on Thursday) and didn’t see police.

“It’s terrible to say but we need a stronger prime minister with laws against radicalism. I am very sad. It (the attack) has broken families apart for nothing.”

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