Future claimed in an interview that he didn’t cheat on Ciara and that he was the one who dumped her


In an interview with HuffPost Live to talk about the his new upcoming
album DS2,#FutureHive The rapper cleared up the numerous surrounding his break-up with ex-fiancee, Ciara.

Everybody already have their speculation about what happened. I hear a
lot of people say he cheated because I fee like 95% of relationships end
because of cheating but me and her relationship had nothing to do with

When asked what ended their relationship, Future explained it had to do
with planning a wedding and claimed he was the one who ended things with

 “I felt like we were just growing away from each other. We grew apart.
It’s just so much dealing when you’re in a relationship and you’re the
man and you want to make certain decisions for yourself and she wants to
make decisions for herself and I feel like for me, the best route is to
make more music. Go back to Atlanta, go back to my roots to do what
makes me feel good. I called off the engagement way before any cheating
rumours ever came out. I was the one who said this wasn’t going to work.

She wasn’t cool about it but she wasn’t too mad because I explained it
to her. I told her, I’ll marry you today. You want to get married? I’ll
marry you but I won’t get married with all these different people in my
way. My family have to be there. I’m from the hood, hood people must be
there. And it may be people you don’t like, but they love me, and these
are the people I want at my wedding. I don’t want all these industry
people at my wedding. I don’t want the media there..but you know when
girls have their fairytale wedding, they insist…I told her we can do
that but let’s get married quietly today and do that maybe a year from
now. We won’t announce it. Let’s be married for a year and then announce
that we have been married for a year. To get over a year, I didn’t want
all that negative energy because I’m an artist, as soon as I get
married and I go to the strip club, they will be like that’s Ciara’s
husband in a strip club. If I do something, they will be like, Ciara’s
husband…they will always put something on it. And I told her I don’t
want all that so just to keep the people out of our business and keep it
personal, let’s just get married quietly and tell people a year from
now. And then we can do the big wedding on TV and we would have gone
past the hard part, we would be on our second year and people would
think it was the first..but she didn’t understand it at the time. We
still were together, still living together even after that part. We were
best friends, and I told her how I felt that I couldn’t do it like
that. She was angry because she had done this shoot with a wedding dress
and I felt embarrassed for her because when you love a person, you
don’t want them to be in that situation. We never tweeted or talked to
the media about the engagement being called off but when it eventually
came out, the fans assumed it was because of cheating. It wasn’t

The interview apparently didn’t go down well with Ciara judging by her comments on Twitter.


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