Graphic- A Brazilian woman jumps from a 10 story building and luckily, got save by her Butt implants?


These guys and their stories!! MediaTakeOut has it that this woman in the picture jumped from a ten story building and luckily got saved by her Butt implants which exploded due to impact.
See the full report…..

Brazilian woman survived a 10 story fall . . . and it was her butt
implants that saved her life. According to a popular Brazilian magazine,
an unidentified woman – whom they claim is a model – attempted suicide
last week, in the city of Sao Paolo.

The paper claims that the fall would have killed her – except that
her butt implant cushioned her fall. She is in very serious condition.
The woman suffered head injuries, multiple broken bones . . . and her
butt implant exploded on impact. Doctors expect her to make it, though.

Who can believe this? Saved by implants after falling from a 10 story building?
Just passing by zebra crossing.


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