Graphic- Photos of the Brazilian model who got infected by butts enlargement gel


If you remember very well, i once told you about this Brazilian model Andressa Urach who got infected by a butt enlargement substance. She spent a whole month in intensive care treated for her rotting thighs/hips. Her body couldn’t absorb the gel and started eating up her butts. More photos below…

Reports has it that, two injections- hydrogel and PMMA were ministerd in her upper thighs and a few months later, her legs started rotting. She got septic shock as a result of an infection in the wounds

Urach was the 2012 Miss Bum Bum Brazil second runner up and she is 27. She once feared that she would loose her legs that’s according to Brazil R7″The hydrogel was not absorbed by my body and started to harm me.”

She posted these pictures which were taken during her intensive care period and she shared them.

Thank God that she survived.
Just passing by zebra crossing.



  1. You are all liars in the name of money,you people are putting wrong treatment, that’s why, there’s infections, stop that sell what’s best for people, cause this is our money okay?


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