HIV+ man who filmed unprotected sexcapades sentenced to 30 years behind bars


Lindenwood University student and wrestler Michael Johnson,22
who is HIV-positive, and filmed himself having unprotected sex
with numerous men, has been jailed.
Investigators believe he could have knowingly infected more that 30
people with the virus since October 2014. Police found 32 home made sex
videos on Johnson’s laptop and each flick showed him with a different
sexual partner. Most of the videos were recorded in his dorm room.
The police believe that the college student’s partners didn’t even know
he was HIV positive nor did they know they were being filmed.

He was found guilty on Thursday, May 14, 2015 on one count of recklessly
infecting a person with HIV, one count of attempting to recklessly
infect a person with HIV and three counts of recklessly exposing
partners to HIV.

During his trial, his ex-partner, Dylan King Lemon, who reported
Johnson’s crimes and sextapes to the police testified against him in
court. He said they had unprotected sex during their relationship and he
believes he contracted the virus from Johnson.          
Missouri state law demands people who are diagnosed with HIV to disclose
their status to their partners, regardless if they use protection or
take medication.

Johnson was diagnosed by the Missouri Department of Health with HIV on
January 7, 2013. The day after Johnson received his status, he began
having  unprotected sex with various partners on and in the surrounding
area of his college campus.
Only six of Johnson’s multiple partners came forward to charge him with knowingly infecting them with HIV and other STDs.

Johnson was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison and may serve up to
60 years after being convicted on all five counts of infecting and
exposing partners to HIV.
If Johnson’s sentences are served concurrently he will serve 30 years.
If his charges are served consecutively, he will serve 60 and a half
years. The judge on his case will determine his official sentencing on
July 13, 2015.


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