‘Home wrecking b**** #teamkourtney’ Kourtney Kardashian’s fans to Chloe Bartoli


    Chloe Bartoli, the 25 year old stylist
    who was pictured getting cozy with Scott Disick last week in Monte Carlo
    is getting death threats from fans of Kourtney Kardashian, who are now
    branding her a home wrecker. They are really bashing her on social

    ‘Home wrecking b**** #teamkourtney’ 
    ‘Definitely a f****** downgrade…Kourtney will be
    upgrading for sure! Ha’
    ‘Whether or
    not kourt & scott were officially still together when you
    homewrecked… The guy has three kids, you should never stand in the way
    of a family’s chances (no matter how slim they are) at being whole and

    “You’re f*cking disgusting ripping apart a family, Scott has a
    drinking problem and three f*cking small children. Show some respect and
    end it. He needs help. @ChloeBartoli,”
    “Yeah Scott is a d*ckhead but knowing that a
    man already has a wife and 3 kids but still going with him makes you a
    “You’re the biggest slut. He has a
    wife that is so sad that you would even do that to kourtney let alone
    his three kids. Great job you home wrecker. You’re just the side h*e so
    don’t get comfortable:-)”
    “This b*tch flat. Scott must have been
    drunk and high and overdosing the whole time he was with her this lady
    not special at all.”
    “I hope you get hit by a bus or eaten by a whale”


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