“I am ready to get married”- Amara Brown


Rumours have linked Ammara Brown to several relationships. The 29-year-old musician’s affair with Roki was probably the most talked about and she admits they were an item. Besides the Roki issue, Ammara does not want to respond to other rumours about her private life.

She even refuses to disclose the father of her five-year-old son Khameel Fayaaz. It is the other side of her life and not for public consumption, she says.

In an interview about her life and career this week, Ammara said, for now, her music comes first and getting married is at the bottom of her priorities. She is not ready to loosen her grip on music to concentrate on getting her Mr Right.

“It is impossible to treat your love life and your career equally. I feel one must be sacrificed in order for the other to flourish. It’s not money over love; it is love of my job over love for someone to share my life with. I am simply already married to my music,” said Ammara

The singer said she loves being an entertainer because of the love and support she gets from many music followers.

“I love having the ability to uplift thousands of people simultaneously. Love is the essence of humanity.”

Apart from music, Ammara has also done acting projects with the latest being her role as pastor’s wife (Hannah) in the leading drama TV series “Muzita RaBaba”.

She has also been shaken by challenges of fame.

Late last year, a sex tape leaked on social media where people claimed her American look-alike on the tape was Ammara. The claims may have done less damage to her career, but some people made sure her young son hears about it.

He could be too young to comprehend the whole issue, but his involvement worries the “Mukoko” singer.

“It’s one thing to be just humiliated for false accusations and it’s completely appalling when your child has to witness it.”

However, she says she has picked up pieces of her brand that were broken by the false accusations.

“As an artist business was lost, but thankfully my brand power is much stronger than any sensationalist claims. I have kept moving forward.”

With her energetic performances and strong vocals, Ammara has won the hearts of many and managed to scoop four awards.

Born Ammara Nury Brown in Harare, the musician attended Moffat Primary, Ridgeview Middle School to Westridge High School.

As daughter of late music legend Andy Brown and step-daughter to late mbira queen Chiwoniso Maraire, Ammara learnt a lot about music when she was still young.

Her good relationship with parents assisted in nurturing her talent and currently she is one of the good stage-performers in the country.

“I had a great relationship with my parents. I learnt that time is the most precious jewel in existence. I am taking my music after them.”

She is close to her siblings that are talented as well, among them Chengeto Brown with whom she collaborated on her song “Watchu Want” that is currently dominating local radio stations. The Herald


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