‘I can assure you that Donald Trump has got it absolutely wrong”-new British P.M Teresa May

The new UK Prime Minister Teresa May has clashed with U.S Presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump over his claims last year that there were ‘no-go zones’ for frightened police in London because of radical Islam.

Last year the Billionaire business man said ‘We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that police are afraid for their own lives.’ and said he won’t have a good relationship with the outgoing UK Prime minister David Cameron if he became president of America after Cameron criticized his comments.
Theresa May has now confirmed her relationship with Trump is unlikely to be any better after calling him ‘plain wrong’..
 ‘I can assure you that Donald Trump has got it absolutely wrong. The police in London are not afraid to go out and police the streets. I understand he said that Muslims were not coming forward in the United Kingdom to report matters of concern. This is absolutely not the case – he is just plain wrong.
‘Politicians should be very careful as we are dealing with the issue of terrorism, as we fight terrorism, we need to be bringing communities together. Bringing greater cohesion in communities, not seeking to divide.’
More than 570,000 people have signed a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK.
Source: Daily Mail


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