“It liberates us from the weight of party that have never benefited”- war vets

Expelled war veterans top leaders from Zanu PF have mocked the decision saying they have been liberated from an oppressive party.

On Wednesday, Zanu PF’s Politburo meeting that is chaired by President Robert Mugabe fired secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, spokesperson Douglas Mahiya, national commissar Francis Nhando and vice-chairman Headman Moyo.

“It liberates us from the weight of party and government rules that have never benefited war veterans.

“They call us a reserve force. Whose reserve force and for what purpose? Anyway, we have never benefited from any association with the army, except for those who have served as regular troops” Mahiya is quoted saying by NewsDay.

He added “We were not supposed to be aligned to any party in the first place because the people in opposition parties such as MDC-T, Zimbabwe People First, Zapu and others were part of the struggle.

“Some lost sons and daughters, relatives and friends to the war. War veterans are supposed to be referees in the country’s political games, as well as custodians of the ideals of the liberation struggle.”

Source – NewsDay


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