Jay-Z and Solange Knowles’ beef is reignited?

Jay-Z and Solange

OK magazine is reporting that Jay Z and his sister in-law Solange Knowles have re-ignited their beef, almost two years after their shocking Met Gala elevator brawl

From OK Magazine

According to an insider, Jay Z is upset with Solange over her lifestyle website SaintHeron.com! The source adds that the rapper is mainly upset over Knowles’ site because he was working on a similar website idea for Bey!

“Jay’s extremely annoyed that no one ran this past him and ripped into Beyoncé for not telling him,” the source said. “The reason he’s so upset is he was drawing up plans of his own to do a similar site for Beyoncé and was asking Gwyneth Paltrow for tips.”

But the insider added that Jay Z’s issues with the Saint Heron brand are only adding to Knowles’ frustrations with her brother-in-law!

“Solange is outraged that he would even think he can tell her what she can and can’t do,” the source said. “Poor Beyoncé is caught in the middle – she actually loves the site and had no idea Jay’s plans were so similar.”


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