Jay-Z illegal son’s resemblance-MTO


MediaTakeOut published this picture of Jay-z and his alleged son for
people to see the resemblance though Jigger is refusing that he is the
father of the guy. According to them… 

MediaTakeOut.com BROKE THE NEWS earlier today that Beyonce is PREGNANT .
. . but that she’s waiting to make her ANNOUNCEMENT after reports of
Jay Z being a DEAD BEAT DAD start to settle down.

Well we just spoke with a person connected with Jay Z’s estranged
ALLEGED SON – Rymir Satterthwaite. They sent us these side-by-side pics
proving “without a doubt” they say, that Jay Z is Rymir’s dad.
We’re told that Jay’s legal team is working diligently to work out
some form of SETTLEMENT with Rymir’s folks. This story is about to get A
LOT more interesting.
Just passing by zebra crossing.


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