Jonathan Moyo admits to funds abuse

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo yesterday admitted to abusing public funds, as university and college students blasted him for using tribalism and Gukurahundi to defend his alleged criminal activities. In a message on the social media platform, Twitter, yesterday, Prof Moyo said: “You can say what you want but I would rather be a Robin Hood than a cruel tribalist, murderer & UN identified cross border diamond thief!”

In another tweet, Prof Moyo said: “The state of underdevelopment in Tsholotsho is such that bicycles are a necessity just like matches!” “It is criminal to claim that a decision by the ZimDef Trustee, me, to fund computers & bicycles requested by Tsholotsho RDC is corruption!”

According to information gathered The Sunday Mail, $95 800 was transferred from Zimdef to Wishbone Trading through Cabs. Dr Godfrey Gandawa, Minister Moyo’s deputy, received $20 000 through his personal Barclays account after which he transferred $19 030 to HIB Rajput PL T/A Ace Cycles for 173 bicycles for Prof Moyo.

Dr Gandawa then transferred $27 550 to SKM Motorcycles for 10 tri-cycles for Prof Moyo and the balance was withdrawn in cash. US$107 525 was transferred from Zimdef to Fuzzy Technologies’ NMB Bank account, of which $5 745 was transferred to Pridham Investments for Dr Gandawa’s personal furniture.

Dr Gandawa also paid for 69 bicycles worth $7 260 for Prof Moyo. He also transferred $12 900 to Wisebone Trading as capital to finance his personal business and the remainder was withdrawn in cash.

The documents further indicate that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating a separate case in which Prof Moyo and Dr Gandawa are suspected of getting Zimdef to release 100 000 litres of diesel worth $118 500, fuel which was then diverted to the black market.

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