Justin Bieber models a male crop-up top at the beach, yes or no for you guys?

Justin Bieber
IS it yes or no for you guys? Justin Bieber is known to be fashion forward and doesn’t let the current trend dictate his fashion. This time, he’s taken it up a notch by wearing a white cropped tank top while in Rio De Janeiro.
He wore the white crop top-cum-sports bra with a pair of bright red sweatpants, showing off his toned midriff and tattoos. Bieber wouldn’t be the first male to wear a crop top. It was a huge trend in the 90s with Will Smith wearing it in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Bill in Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Jaden Smith, Zac Effron and Ezekiel Elliott are among celebrities who have worn it in recent times.

Their photos below…




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