Kanye, Kendall and Kylie booed at the Billboard Music Awards

Kendall and Kylie Jenner were booed while introducing  Kanye West for the Billboard Music Awards closing performance.The reality stars put on a brave face and continued with their announcement with smiles on their faces

We’re honored to introduce this great artist, a friend, an inspiration, a brother and now a doctor,’ said Kylie.Ladies and gentleman, Kanye West!’ Kendall concluded.

Kanye’s performance also attracted booing due to the extreme amounts of
censorship and bleeping by the Network due to his explicit lyrics.The
crowd and TV viewers were angry they couldn’t even see him as the stage
was lit with pyrotechnics,smoke and flames.
Fans expressed dismay on social media with most getting mad that they had sat through the two-hour show to watch a mute finale.



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