Kanye-Kim three way sex-tape for sale? Oh yeah! it’s done.


Kanye West’s laptop was stolen yesterday night in Paris, the MTO guys are saying the thieves that stole the laptop are now selling a threesome sex-tape involving Kanye, Kim and an unnamed blonde. I what the guys does, though it might false, you know the MTO guys! If it’s true it will be Kim’s second sex-tape leak. I wonder why these celebrities keep their sensitive information in such vulnerable places. I hope it’s not another attention and fame gimmick by the couple.
Read their report below…..

“MediaTakeOut.com just got some blockbuster News – a man is selling a
sextape – which reportedly shows Kim and Kanye and a blonde haired
woman, engaged in three-way sex. We were unable to confirm the identity
of the parties on the tape – but it sure as f*ck looked like Kim and
Kanye . . . allegedly.

We’re gonna say a lot of allegedly here, because Kanye’s laptop was
stolen in Paris earlier this week . . . and we’re not trying to snitch
on anyone that may or may not have stolen it.
We also are not admitting to possessing, viewing, or
ANYTHING whatsoever with the stolen property.

So here it goes. ALLEGEDLY we spoke to a person who claims that they may
have ALLEGEDLY accidentally came upon Kanye West’s personal laptop. The
individual is ALLEGEDLY claiming to have hacked into it, and is looking
through the hard drive. The drive ALLEGEDLY contains music, designs,
emails – basically a treasure trove of DATA. And the individual
allegedly is trying to sell it off piece by piece.

We’re not really interested in fashion, or songs, but our eyebrows
ALLEGEDLY raised when we heard that an alleged SEXTAPE showing THREE-WAY
ACTION between Kanye, Kim and a Blonde model was allegedly for sale.
We’re told that the tape allegedly is very graphic – and it must have
occurred AFTER North’s birth . . . cause Kim’s belly clearly looked like
she had her baby pouch.

Oh and we have a receipt – that won’t get us into any LEGAL TROUBLE.
Kanye’s GOOD MUSIC artist Malik Yusef, who is with him in Paris –
CONFIRMED that Yeezy’s laptop was stolen.

Wow . . . we can’t wait to see who buys the tape . . . ALLEGEDLY.

Just passing by zebra crossing.


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