Karrueche Trans at the center of Ray-J’s already sunk relationship TMZ.


Princess Love threatened to kill herself on yesterday night after she broke up with her boyfriend Ray-J. Cops were called after she called Ray-Jay threatening to shoot herself. Chris Brown’s on/off girlfriend Karrueche Trans is said to be the main reason for the unfortunate break up.
According to TMZ

“Ray J;s exgirlfriend who threatened
suicide Wednesday was pushed over the edge after she found out Ray was
nuzzling up to the modern day Helen of Troy.. Karrueche Tran.

Cops were called after Princess Love called Ray and threatened to shoot herself. A short time later she called him back and said she would not go through with it.

As we reported … Ray broke up with Princess Love Tuesday night after a big fight. Now we know where he went afterward.

went to a studio to shoot a New Year’s Eve special for BET. Karrueche
was also on the show and Ray hung out with her until 4 AM. We got a
couple of pics which show they were definitely getting along.

Unclear if there’s a relationship, but it’s definitely a good start.” TMZ
Just passing by zebra crossing.


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